Exposition 101

Vividly I come, confusingly I go--
A fact that doesn't seem to deserve attention rather needs comprehension.
Boils down to disappointment cause of self preservation.
Deserves a thousand eyes for amusement though only needs a few ears to for refinement.
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Baguio-Pangasinan Escapade! ❤️🙅❤️
Never felt soo freee 💗😍👌

Baguio-Pangasinan Escapade!
Never felt so free 😍👌

With my mommy 😄

#Roar with @jajedian 😄😘

#Roar with @jajedian 😄😘


Found something new to love 😁
#thankstosomeoneelse’sclient ❤️

Why you smiling, Piony girl? 🐶

Like legit probinsyana na 😄 haha!

Always been a good girl 😊 hekhek #tbt

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Picapi ☺️

There’s nothing cuter than my sister’s being activist.. Hahah 😘